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What is Multidisciplinary Studies?

A bachelor’s degree in Multidisciplinary Studies is an option provided for students who discover that existing OU programs do not meet their educational objectives and who wish to tailor a unique course of study to meet their individual goals. An MDS degree is an opportunity to craft a personal program of study with rigor, coherence, and purpose.

What is required for graduation?

Total hours: 120 hours
Upper division hours: 48 hours
Minimum GPA: 2.0
The course of study must include a minimum of 30 hours major-theme credit plus a Capstone, OU’s General Education requirements, and additional elective hours to a total of at least 120 hours. At minimum 18 hours of the major credit must be at the upper division level.

How do I develop my major plan?

The student proposes a major theme of study with a course plan in coordination with an MDS advisor. The course plan must be approved by the Provost. Following initial approval of the MDS plan, any subsequent changes or substitutions must be approved by the Provost.  While exceptions can be approved by the Provost in rare circumstances, an MDS Plan of Study should include at minimum the courses required by two minors or concentrations already approved at OU. This allows students to combine coherent course sequences, while leaving the flexibility to add other, individual courses that add to the educational experience. Students are encouraged to add complementary courses beyond the core areas to enrich their experience. Independent studies, study abroad, internships, and other forms of field experience can also add value to the MDS Plan of Study.

How do I find out more?
For more information about the MDS major please schedule a consultation appointment by calling our front desk at (405)325-4411.

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