History of Medicine and Biomedical Science

History of Medicine, Public Health, and Biomedical Science

(Professors Crowther, Gross, Hale, Nair, Seidelman and Tracy)

Students have the opportunity to explore the relationship between our increasing knowledge of physiology, pathology and therapeutics and the social, ethical and legal implications that have developed alongside them from antiquity to the present. Graduate training in the history of medicine also includes work in the history of the body, gender, and sexuality. The history of medicine and biomedical ethics provide critical perspectives from which to better understand current debates in the ongoing revolution in the life sciences. Faculty and student research focuses on the early modern period (1500-1800) and on the 19th and 20th centuries. Research in early modern medicine is supported by the History of Science Collections, whose holdings include early printed works on anatomy, pathology, therapeutics (including both herbal and alchemical medicines), and astrological medicine, as well as microfilm collections of recipe books and plague tracts. In addition to materials in the History of Science Collections, the field is supported by the History of Medicine Collection in the Robert M. Bird Health Sciences Library on the Oklahoma City campus.