Art History, School of Visual Arts

Rozmeri Basic
Professor; Associate Dean

Inter-disciplinary and cross-cultural issues in Carolingian, Byzantine, and post-Byzantine traditions.
Susan Caldwell
Professor Emerita
David Ross Boyd Professor

Interests: Medieval Spanish architecture; medieval and Renaissance art.
Allison Palmer 
Associate Professor

Early Italian Renaissance; Italian Baroque architecture; modern architecture.

Classics & Letters Department, College of Arts & Sciences

Sara Coodin
Assistant Professor

Shakespearean drama and virtue ethics.

Kyle Harper
Senior Vice President and Provost
Executive Director, Institute for the American Constitutional Heritage

The social and economic history of the period spanning the Roman Empire and the early Middle Ages.

Samuel J. Huskey 
Joseph Paxton Presidential Professor

Paleography, manuscript traditions, and the transmission of classical literature; Boccaccio's Latin poetry and the late medieval reception of Lucan.

Scott Johnson
Assistant Professor

Greek literature in late antiquity; multilingualism in the late antique East; travel, pilgrimage, cartography; Syriac language and literature.

English Department, College of Arts & Sciences 

David Anderson 
Associate Professor

The poetry and drama of the English Renaissance, particularly the relationship between literature and religion.
Joyce Coleman
Rudolph C. Bambas Professor of Medieval English Literature and Culture
Director, University of Oklahoma Center for Medieval & Renaissance Studies

Medieval literary reception, performance, and patronage; "the iconography of the book" in medieval manuscripts.

Bill Endres
Assistant Professor

Early medieval manuscripts; digital humanities.

Daniel Ransom
Professor; Director of the Variorum Chaucer

Interests: Chaucer; Dante; Old and Middle English literature; English historical linguistics.

History Department, College of Arts & Sciences 

James S. Hart, Jr.  
Professor; Hudson Family Chair of History

Tudor-Stuart England, Ireland.

D Gershon Lewental 
Schusterman Visiting Assistant Professor

Interests: Early Islam, particularly the Arab-Muslim conquests; Iranian history; the Baha’i faith; Israeli history.

Roberta Magnusson
Associate Professor

Medieval Europe, particularly Italy; the origins and development of public services in medieval English cities.

Shmuel Shepkaru 
Schusterman Professor of Jewish Intellectual and Religious History

Interests: Late antique and medieval Jewish history; Hebrew; the history of heaven and hell.

Jane Wickersham  
Associate Professor

Renaissance Italian history, particularly the Italian Inquisition.

History of Science Department, College of Arts & Sciences

Peter Barker

History and historiography of the Scientific Revolution; 19th- and 20th-century physical science and psychology; philosophy of science.
Kathleen Crowther 
Associate Professor

Interests: Early modern science and medicine; body and gender in early modern Europe; science and religion.

Steven J. Livesey
Brian E. and Sandra O'Brien Presidential Professor; Department Chair

Interests: Medieval science; history of early scientific methodologies; science in medieval universities; manuscript studies.

Kerry Magruder  
Curator and John H. and Drusa B. Cable Chair of the History of Science Collections
Associate Professor of Bibliography
Associate Professor of the History of Science

Interests: 17th- and 18th-century theories of the Earth; early geology, cosmology, visual representation; history of the book; science and religion.

Rienk Vermij

Cartesian natural philosophy; Copernicanism; early modern meteorology; Enlightenment, science and religion; science in the Netherlands.

Modern Languages, Literatures, and Linguistics Department, College of Arts & Sciences 

Luis Cortest
Professor, Spanish

Spanish religious writers of the 16th century; medieval Spanish literature; the history of Spanish scholasticism and natural-law theory.

Yael Lavender-Smith
Professor, Hebrew Studies

Interests: Uriel da Costa, a Jewish converso who lived in Amsterdam in the 17th century
A. Robert Lauer 
Professor, Spanish

Golden Age drama, poetry, and prose; film studies.

Roberto Pesce 
Professor, Italian


Joseph M. Sullivan
Associate Professor, German

Interests: Arthurian literature; medieval Germanic literature; modern and popular representations of the Middle Ages.
Logan E. Whalen
Professor, French

Medieval French literature; Arthurian texts; Chrétien de Troyes, Marie de France.

Musicology Department, School of Music 

Eugene Enrico 
Ruth Verne David Reaugh Professor of Music
Director, Collegium Musicum

Renaissance and Baroque music.

Jennifer Saltzstein
Associate Professor

Interests: The music literature of medieval France, particularly Adam de la Halle.

Philosophy Department, College of Arts & Sciences


Neal Judisch
Assistant Professor

Interests: Metaphysics, philosophy of mind, philosophical theology

Religious Studies Program, College of Arts & Sciences

Rangar H. Cline 
Assistant Professor

The relationship between Greek and Roman religions, early Christianity, and Judaism in the Roman world; the economics of pilgrimage.

David Vishanoff 
Associate Professor

Islamic thought and legal theory; interactions between religious communities; modern Qur’anic hermeneutics.

Women's and Gender Studies, College of Arts & Sciences

Andreea Marculescu

Interests: The history of psychiatry and narratives of mental illnesses in medieval and early-modern European literature, disability studies, history of witchcraft and demonology, affect studies and emotions.