Mentor Expectations:

Alumni Mentors are expected to serve as role models for students by modeling success both personally and professionally. Alumni are asked to mentor one or more Leadership Scholars by communicating via e-mail, phone, or personal visits. Successful mentor relationships depend on communication from both the mentor and the mentee. In order to get the most from your relationship, we ask that you commit to at least three interactions with your Leadership Scholar each semester. Again, these interactions may occur by e-mail, phone, or personal visits. In addition to the College’s structured opportunities to interact with mentees, you may also:

  • Arrange to meet with your Scholar when you are visiting the OU campus or Norman.
  • Invite your Scholar to attend an OU activity or event with you.
  • Try to attend one or more Leadership Scholars events or activities. (We will provide you with a list of events and dates.)
  • Invite your Scholar to visit your home.
  • Write a letter of recommendation for your Scholar.
  • Put your Scholar in contact with friends and acquaintances who have expertise in your Scholar’s area of interest.
  • Invite your Scholar to visit your place of business, share industry career path insights.
  • Share advice on soft skills such as resumes, interviewing, navigating politics, and the “real world”.

Mentors are asked to make every reasonable effort to attend College of Arts and Sciences events with their mentee(s). Mentors are encouraged to plan and schedule individual meetings (e.g., lunch, dinner, coffee, etc.), when possible. Mentors are expected to personally, or professionally, pay for their portion of the individual meetings and may pay for the mentee’s portion if appropriate. Mentees are not expected to pay for the mentor’s portion.