Application Deadline:  10:00 PM, Friday, Jan. 30, 2015

The Department of Modern Languages, Literatures and Linguistics offers scholarships for both undergraduate and graduate student majors in Spanish, French, German, Russian, Chinese, Linguistics and Modern Non-European Languages. There are also a number of scholarships for any MLLL major. Applicants must hold a 3.5 GPA in the major and an overall GPA of 3.0.

To view the available scholarships and specific criteria for each, click on the scholarship links in the table below.

Scholarship Name  Language/Major Grad Students Undergrad Students Financial Need Amount
Abbott Scholarship Spanish Yes  No Yes $200-$250
Gimeno Memorial Award Spanish No  Yes No $200-$400
Poston-De La Torre Award Spanish No  Yes No $200-$400
Thompson Scholarship  any cert. prgrm. or Spanish Yes Yes No $200
Clement Scholarship French Yes  Yes Yes Varies
Gilbert Scholarship French (major or minor) No  Yes No Varies
Ivar Ivask Scholarship German or French Yes  Yes No $500-$700
Tulsa German Fund German Yes  No No $250-$500
OU German Club German No  Yes No $200-$500
Madland-Thompson Award German No  Yes No Varies
Muller-Miess Scholarship German (major or minor) Yes Yes No $200-$500
Brueckner Scholarship German (major or minor) No  Yes  No Varies
Miess Thompson Scholarship German (major or minor) Yes  Yes No $1,500
Russian Club Scholarship Russian (major or minor) No  Yes Yes $200
Antsiforov Scholarship Russian No  Yes No Varies
Gui Memorial Scholarship Chinese (major or minor) No  Yes No $200-$300
D. & J. Faust Scholarship Linguistics No  Yes No Varies
Owen Faust Scholarship Mod. Non-Euro. Lang. No  Yes No Varies
Jim Artman Scholarship Any MLLL major or minor No  Yes No $200-$300
Dunham Scholarship Any MLLL major No Yes No $500-$900
Olive Hawes Scholarship Any MLLL major No Yes No $300-$500
Williams Scholarship Any MLLL major Yes  Yes No Varies
Brakebill Scholarship Any MLLL major No  Yes No Varies
McMillan Scholarship any MLLL major No  Yes No $200-$300
Tolson Scholarship any MLLL major No  Yes No


Eulalia Steedman Aaroz Scholarship Spanish Yes Yes Yes $1,000
Andrew Talton Scholarship  French Yes Yes No $400


Letter of Recommendation:  Identify and obtain the email address of a faculty member who is willing to submit a recommendation for you.  It is important to contact this individual well in advance to allow him/her time to submit the recommendation by the deadline. The faculty member may not be a member of the MLLL Scholarship Committee (Dylan Herrick, Michel Lantelme, Karin Schutjer, Ping Zhu, Pamela Genova, Takeshi Kimoto, and Grady Wray).

Resume:  All applicants must complete the Arts and Sciences Scholarship Resume and save to .pdf for uploading to the application. Please follow this link for instructions.

Transcript:  All applicants must upload a web-based or an unofficial transcript from the Academic Records office that has been saved in .pdf format.  Click here for instructions.

Academic Goals StatementCompose a description, in English, of your academic goals and achievements. It should be typed in Microsoft Word or similar program for copying and pasting into the application.