Neuromuscular Laboratory

Dr. Mike Bemben, Director

The Neuromuscular Laboratory is about 1400 sq. ft. and is large enough to facilitate training studies. This lab contains: Cybex Isotonic Weight Machines (bicep curls, tricep extensions, knee flexion, knee extension, lat pull downs, seated shoulder press, low row, two-leg press, hip adductors/abductors, hip flexion/extension, deadlift, and a Smith Bench Press/Squat rack; Biodex (isokinetic, passive, isometric, isotonic, reactive eccentric); 4 power plate vibration platforms to examine post activation potentiation;diagnostic ultrasound to measure superificial muscle pennation angles, fasicle length and cross sectional areas and a device that allows for the restriction of blood flow to working muscles to study the influence of hypoxia and adaptations to exercise. Also cardiovascular equipment that assess both central and peripheral cardiovascular adaptations to exercise.

Current Research Projects

  • Potentiating muscle growth and enhancing physiological function in elderly muscle
  • Effect of age on neuromuscular activation and force production Effect of age and training history on neuromuscular responses to resistance exercise
  • Acute and chronic effects of low frequency vibration at varying frequencies, amplitudes and time courses upon indices of muscle function
  •  The effects of vascular restriction during an acute bout of resistance training on markers of bone metabolism and muscle function