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For audio of the lectures from our 2010 Distinguished Alumni, please click the links below:

Mike Fogarty, "It's Health Care, Not Welfare 2.0"

Edward Correia, "The Future of God"

William McGrew, "50 Years of  Chimpanzee Tool Use: What's Left to Know?"

William McGrew, 2010 Distinguished Alumnus, visited campus in February of 2010 to present a talk on the use of tools by primates.  McGrew is a 1965 graduate in zoology who trained at the Biological Station while here.  In 1965, he became a Rhodes Scholar, and then earned his doctorate in philosophy from the University of Oxford and a doctoral degree from the University of Stirling. He currently serves as professor of evolutionary primatology in the Leverhulme Centre for Human Evolutionary Studies in the Department of Biological Anthropology at Cambridge University. From 1972 to 2008, he conducted field research on the behavior of wild chimpanzees across sub-Saharan Africa, focusing on elementary technology and material culture.