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  • Fall 2014 at Arezzo

      HSCI undergraduate major Jordan Larsen is spending fall 2014 at Arezzo!  While learning and experiencing the language and culture of Italy, Jordan is also interning at the Arezzo Library, one of Tuscany’s major book collections. The library houses a number of rare volumes from the Middle Ages and antiquity. To find out more about life in Arezzo through Jordan's experiences, please visit her blog at http://hsciarezzo.wordpress.com/.

  • Summer 2014 Graduates

    Congratulations to our graduate students in summer 2014 ... Ashley McCray - Successfully defended her MA thesis on June 16, 2014, "Money, Science and Radical Politics: The Patronage of Harriet Martineau's Political Economy."  Her committee members were Piers Hale (chair), Peter Barker, and Stephen Weldon. James Burnes - On June 10, 2014, successfully defended his MA thesis, "The Gilded Skull in England's Closet: Displaying Human Evolution at the American Museum of Natural History."  Hi...

  • Margaret Gaida Awarded Mediterranean Regional Research Fellowship

    Congratulations Margaret Gaida, recently named as a 2014 Mediterranean Regional Research Fellow by the Council of American Overseas Research Centers (CAORC).  The regional fellowship program enables pre- and early post-doctoral scholars to carry out research in the humanities and related social sciences in countries bordering the Mediterranean and served by American overseas research centers. Funding for this program is generously provided by The Andrew W. Mellon Foundation.

  • Spring 2014 Graduates

    Congratulations to our graduate students in spring 2014 ... Jared Buss - April 28, 2014, successfully defended his Ph.D. Dissertation, "Willy Ley, The Science Writers, and the Popular Reenchantment of Science".

  • Katherine Pandora Awarded Longmire Prize

    On April 1, CAS Dean Kelly Damphousse made a surprise visit to Professor Katherine Pandora's seminar class to announce her selection as the recipient of the 2014 Longmire Prize for Teaching Excellence. The Longmire Prize for Teaching in the College of Arts and Sciences, supported by the William Jr. & Jane Longmire Academic Enrichment Fund, is awarded annually to a faculty member exhibiting a scholarly and thoughtful approach to innovative teaching.

  • Margaret Gaida Receives 2014-2015 Rome Prize

    The American Academy in Rome recently announced the the winners of the 118th annual Rome Prize Competition. Margaret Gaida, PhD candidate in the History of Science, Technology and Medicine graduate program, was named the 2014-2015 recipient of the Lily Auchincloss Pre-Doctoral Rome Prize in Renaissance and Early Modern Studies for her research project, "From Aleppo to Rome: Astrology as a Mirror of Cross-Cultural Transformation, 950-1521." Each year, through a national competition, the Rome Priz...

  • Steven Livesey Receives Fulbright Research Fellowship

    In March, Professor Steven Livesey learned that his application for a Fulbright Research Fellowship was approved. His project investigates the composition and medieval development of the library of the Benedictine monastery of Saint-Bertin, which was founded in the mid-seventh century and by the twelfth century had grown to be the fourth-largest library in France. Today the books are dispersed among several French municipal libraries and other collections throughout Europe.

  • History of Science Receives Sloan Foundation Grant

    The University of Oklahoma History of Science Department has received a $350,000 grant from the Alfred P. Sloan Foundation in support of a project to build an innovative tool for collaborative research centered on the 100-year-old Isis Bibliography of the History of Science. The project is jointly supported by OU and the History of Science Society.

  • 2014 Graduate Student Research and Performance Day

    Sponsored by the Graduate College, along with Graduate College Student Ambassadors and McNair Scholars, 2014 Graduate Student Research and Performance Day was held Friday, March 7. The History of Science Department is proud to have had five MA candidates participate in Research and Performance Day this year. Among the 75+ graduate students presenting their research from across campus and across disciplines, there were four HSCI MA students, Ashley McCray, Leila McNeill, Jared Neumann, and Blair ...

  • Petar Markovski Awarded History of Science Society / NASA Fellowship for 2013-2014

    The department learned late last week of the successful application of Petar Markovski for the 2013-2014 History of Science Society Fellowship in the History of Space Science, supported by the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) History Division. The HSS/NASA Fellowship funds a nine-month research project that is related to any aspect of the history of space science, from the earliest human interest in space to the present. The program is broadly conceived and includes the socia...

  • Summer 2013 Graduates

    Henry Zepeda - May 28, 2013, successfully defended his Ph.D. dissertation, “The Medieval Latin Transmission of the Menelaus Theorem”.  His committee members were Steven J. Livesey (chair), Roberta Magnusson (Department of History), Kerry Magruder, Edith D.

  • Spring 2013 Graduates

    Contratulations to our graduate students in spring 2013 ... Kirsty Lawson - April 26, 2013, successfully defended her M.A. thesis, "English Social Spaces:  Curiosity and Education in Science from 1650-1700".  Her committee members were Katherine Pandora (chair), Kerry Magruder, Judith Lewis.

  • Elizabeth Wilcox named first recipient of Corliss E. and Esther C. Livesey Scholarship

    Elizabeth Wilcox has been awarded the 2013 Corliss E. and Esther C. Livesey Scholarship.

  • Neumann Receives Award at Student Research and Performance Day

    Sponsored by the Graduate College, Graduate College Student Ambassadors and Graduate Student Senate, the Student Research and Performance Day was held on Friday, March 8, 2013 from 1 p.m. - 4 p.m. in the National Weather Center located on OU South Campus.

  • K. Taylor Elected President of Internat'l Commission on the History of Geological Sciences

    Kenneth Taylor, professor emeritus of the history of science at the University of Oklahoma, has been elected the 2012-2016 president of the International Commission on the History of Geological Sciences. His election took place at the 34th Annual International Geological Congress in Brisbane, Australia, this past summer. The commission was established in 1967 to promote research and international cooperation in the studies of the history of earth sciences.

  • Jared Buss Awarded History of Science Society / NASA Fellowship for 2012-2013

    The department learned recently that Jared Buss has been awarded the 2012-2013 History of Science Society / NASA Fellowship. The History of Science Society Fellowship in the History of Space Science, supported by the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) History Division, funds a nine-month research project that is related to any aspect of the history of space science, from the earliest human interest in space to the present. The program is broadly conceived and includes the socia...

  • Study history of science abroad

    OU junior and history of science major Elizabeth Wilcox is off to Italy this summer. She is enrolled in two courses that are a part of the College of Arts and Sciences “Journey to Italy” Summer Study Abroad Program. “The Journey to Italy” consists of two upper division 3 credit courses: AHI 3313: Art and Culture in Italy, a hands-on Art History course, taught by Kirk Duclaux, Director of Italian Programs in Italy for the University of Oklahoma, and IAS 3920: The Age of Galileo: Science and Cultu...

  • Undergraduate Research Awards

    The department has just learned that two affiliated undergraduate researchers won awards at the 2012 Undergraduate Research Day. Marcus Autry received the Phi Kappa Phi Award for Distinguished Undergraduate Research for his presentation, “Science Blogging: An Analysis of its History, Current State, and Trends for the Future.” His faculty sponsor was Professor Katherine Pandora. Jared Curran received a Distinction in Undergraduate Research Award for his presentation, “Lullian Circles and Methodol...

  • Lucy Receives Goldwater Scholarship

    Adrian Lucy has been awarded the prestigious Goldwater Scholarship on the basis of his potential and intent to pursue careers in mathematics, the natural sciences or engineering. Lucy, a sophomore majoring in astrophysics and the history of science, technology and medicine, is from Blue Bell, Pa. He is working with Karen M.

  • Isis Bibliography Celebrates its Tenth Anniversary at OU

    This winter Professor Stephen Weldon published his tenth volume of the Isis Bibliography. It was physically the largest bibliography that Weldon has produced to date, stretching to 360 pages, well over last year's page count. Much of the credit for this achievement must go to Weldon's two graduate assistants, John Stewart and Jared Buss.

  • Piers Hale delivers Darwin Day lecture

    Nearly 200 people squeezed into the auditorium to listen to Piers Hale, history of modern science professor, celebrate Darwin’s 203rd birthday with a lecture entitled “Reconsidering Darwinian Ethics: from the ‘Origin of Species’ to the ‘Descent of Man.’”  Read more at oudaily.com/news/2012/feb/12/impact-darwins-theory-examined-during-lecture-sund/

  • Ogilvie Photo Unveiled

    Marilyn B. Ogilvie (Curator Emeritus, History of Science Collections; Professor of Bibliography Emeritus; Professor Emeritus, Department of the History of Science) was honored on Tuesday, January 31, as her portrait was officially unveiled in the department’s “Wall of Fame,” commemorating notable former members of the program. Marilyn retired from the University of Oklahoma at the end of 2008.

  • Vermij on Threats to the Leiden Boerhaave Museum for HSCI

    The already-small number of museums specifically devoted to the history of science may soon be further depleted. The Leiden Boerhaave Museum for the History of Science and Medicine is presently in danger due to new measures imposed by the Dutch government. Unless the state-funded museum raises 700,000 euros (approx.

  • Kathleen Crowther Receives 2011 Gerald Strauss Book Prize

    Kathleen Crowther’s book, Adam and Eve in the Protestant Reformation (Cambridge University Press, 2010), was awarded the Gerald Strauss Prize at the Annual Meeting of the Sixteenth-Century Society, held in Fort Worth, October 27-30. The Strauss prize is awarded by the Sixteenth Century Society to the author of the outstanding book on a German Reformation History topic published in English in the previous calendar year. The prize includes a $1000 award.

  • OU at HSS and SHOT Meetings

    Several members of the History of Science, Technology and Medicine Program will be involved in this year’s History of Science Society Annual Meeting in Cleveland (November 3-6). Among them are: Piers J. Hale, who organized the session “Linking the Past and the Present: A Discussion of Collaboration Between Historians and Practitioners in the Classroom, the Field and the Laboratory (Committee on Education sponsored roundtable)” [Friday, November 4, 9:00-11:45 am] and who will speak on “Collaborat...

  • our new major is up and running!

    Over the last four years, the department has been working hard to develop our brand-new major in the history of science, technology, and medicine that received approval from the Regents in summer 2011!  We began enrolling majors this fall, and invite you to look over the checksheet and learn more about how the major can work for you. Contact our academic advisor, Ms. Stella Graves Stuart, to explore your options!

  • Dept. Speakers' Series: Deborah Blum on the Birth of Forensic Medicine

    The Department is delighted to host Pulitzer Prize-winning science journalist Deborah Blum on Wednesday, September 21st for her public lecture on "The Poisoner's Handbook: Chemistry, Public Health, and the Birth of Forensic Medicine in Jazz-Age New York City." The lecture takes place at 4:00 p.m. in Dale Hall 211.  more info on her talk Blum is active as a leader in the field of science writing, serving as the North American board member of the World Federation of Science Journalists, ...

  • History of Media Dream Course Speakers

    September 30, noon-1:00 pm: Paul Starr (Princeton University), “An Unexpected Crisis: The News Media in the United States and Other Post-Industrial Democracies” Gaylord Auditorium October 10,  7:00 pm: Susan Douglas (University of Michigan), “Enlightened Sexism” location tba November 10, 7:00 pm: Marc Rotenberg (Director, Electronic Privacy Information Center), “The Surveillance State in Film” location tba November 19, time tba: Jeff “Swampy” Marsh (Creator of the Phineas and Ferb Show...