OFFICERS for 2016

President: Alesha Marcum-Heiman

Vice President: Dave Jacobson

Treasurer: Mary Williams

Secretary: Michael Walters

Webmaster: Richard Hagan

Faculty Liaison: Justin Lund


OFFICERS for 2013

President: Juliet Morgan

VP: Holly Andrew

Speakers Bureau: Holly Andrew, Angela Helt

Secretary: Shawn Lambert (

Treasurer: Scott Ketchum

Faculty Liaison: Kelly LaFramboise (

Webmaster: Dong Yue (

Graduate Student Senate (GSS) Senators: Shawn Lambert and Nicole Umayam


Officers for 2012

If you have any questions about our organization or department please feel free to e-mail any of the officers listed below.

President: Will Foster (

Vice-President: Kelly LaFramboise (

Secretary: Donna Longhorn (

Treasurer: Anne Kroger (

Webmaster: Richard Russell (

Graduate Student Senate (GSS) Senators: Shawn Lambert ( and Megan Pucket (

Faculty Liaison: Ivan Ozbolt