At the same time units are preparing annual faculty evaluations, each unit’s Committee A, with
input from the faculty and staff, must prepare an evaluation of the chair or director.

The evaluation includes (1) the Summary Report of Annual Faculty Evaluation and (2) a narrative review summarizing the chair/director’s administrative performance based on input from the entire faculty and staff of the unit. The evaluation form should evaluate the chair/director in the areas of teaching, research, and service, including service as chair. The percentage of effort the chair devotes to each category should be noted, with at least 50% under the service category
typically devoted to duties as chair/director. Both the annual evaluation form and the narrative
evaluation must be given to and discussed with the chair/director before the final versions are
forwarded to the Dean’s Office. Original documentation gathered from faculty and staff to
prepare the review should not be shared directly with the chair/director, but it should be attached
to the materials submitted to the Dean’s Office.

The Dean also asks chairs and directors to prepare a list identifying their previous year’s goals,
progress toward those goals, and a list of goals for the coming year. After receiving these goals
and after the Committee A meeting with the Dean or Associate Dean about the entire unit, the
Dean meets privately with each chair and director. These meetings take place in late April
through June.

NOTE: If the chair/director is being reviewed for reappointment for a term ending the following
year, Committee A does not need to conduct a separate review or prepare a separate narrative
evaluation for the annual review. Similar reviews will take place as part of the reappointment
process; elected Committee A members will be notified if they should be following the
reappointment process rather than the annual evaluation process.