Because the OTIS budget is closely tied to the Class Schedule, beginning with the Summer 2008 term, the following procedures are being implemented.

The initial class schedule for each semester will be created following the procedures and deadlines specified by the Office of Classroom Management.

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Class Schedule Request Form

Provost Approval Process for Cancellation of a Scheduled Course Form

Provost Approval Process for Schedule Change of a Scheduled Course Form

After the initial class schedule has been submitted to the College, all subsequent requests to add or cancel a class section must be approved by the Dean’s Office.To do so, Chairs/Directors must sign and submit to the Dean’s Office a “Class Schedule Request Form,” ( If approved, the Dean’s Office will notify the Office of Classroom Management.Please do not contact the Office of Classroom Management directly as this will only delay the process.

Before students have enrolled in the class, requests to change class time/day, section size, room assignment, and A/V equipment may be made directly to the Office of Classroom Management.

Once students have enrolled in a class, requests to:

If a class that is being added or cancelled requires the use of OTIS funds, then the appropriate departmental representative must go into the Teaching Load and Course Enrollment Management system ( as soon as possible and make the necessary changes.