Undergraduate Anthropology Program

Research and Travel Opportunities

Undergraduate Research Opportunities Program

UROP is a competitive program offering financial assistance to talented undergraduates for research, scholarly, and/or creative projects. These awards are given twice a year, with a maximum expense allowance of $500.00. Potential applicants must first coordinate their research with a faculty member willing to act as a sponsor.

Undergraduate Research Day

Each spring semester, the Honors Program sponsors this opportunity for undergraduates, whether in the Honors Program or not, to present their research in a professional and supportive environment. Cash prizes are awarded to the best presentation in each subject area. Application forms are available from the OU Honors Program or call Dr. Carolyn Morgan at 325-5291.

Spiro excavation 2014 Field school students excavating at Spiro Mounds, Oklahoma, in 2014

Summer Field Schools and Internships

Field schools and internships provide "hands-on" experience in anthropology, including archaeological projects, ethnographic studies, language programs, and museum studies. The Anthropology Department usually offers an archaeological field school each year for up to six credit hours. Archaeological and ethnographic field trips are often scheduled for credit hours by various faculty members and include excursions throughout the Plains and Southwest. These are usually offered only during Intersession; please review all course schedule booklets that are available each semester or discuss your interest in field schools with your advisor.

The advisors have information on field and internship opportunities not only for the University of Oklahoma, but for programs across the country. The Anthropology Department holds a workshop for undergraduates pertaining to these topics early every spring semester.

Fulbright Program

Students interested in the Fulbright Program should contact one of the two university Fulbright advisors, Dr. Karl Rambo (in Anthropology) or Jaci Gandenberger (in International and Area Studies). The Fulbright scholarship is designed for seniors and graduate students wishing to study abroad. Please see the Fulbright program web page for deadlines and for more information.

Museum Internships

Various museums in the United States and abroad offer internships for students interested in museology. For example, the Gilcrease Museum in Tulsa sponsors internship positions in their various departments, and the Smithsonian in Washington, D.C., also supports a wide array of internship positions. You can contact these institutions directly or discuss your interests in museum studies with your advisor. Additionally, the Sam Noble Oklahoma Museum of Natural History offers exciting opportunities for students interested in museology, internships, and careers.

Study Abroad

The University sponsors many different Study Abroad programs. Study Abroad is an excellent way to have an anthropological experience and receive college credit at the same time. Application requirements tend to be demanding to match the demanding nature of Study Abroad, but students with the skills and desire should seriously consider studying for a semester or two in a foreign country. Please see your advisor for more information, or contact the Study Abroad Program, Office of International Programs. If you are interested in the Fulbright Program, then you must make an appointment with Dr. Rambo or Jaci Gandenberger who direct this program for the university.

Natalie Dickson at Oldupai Gorge

Undergraduate student Natalie Dickson visited Oldupai (Olduvai) Gorge, Tanzania during her study abroad experience in Tanzania

Machu Picchu, Peru

Dr. Tassie Hirschfeld led students to Peru on the Journey to Latin America program in 2011