Roberta Roads Allen

Roberta Roads Allen, born 1913kept her eye on the ball as basketball team captain at Waukomis High School, Oklahoma.  She selected library science at the University of Oklahoma. Her degree allowed her to work at numerous community libraries across the Midwest, and finally in Lovington, New Mexico.  Her OU heritage includes her grandfather, John Morgan Canon, President of the First Board of Regents at the founding of OU.  Her sister, Elizabeth Roads Smith, preceded Roberta as an English major at OU.  Roberta married the love of her life, James Bell (JB) Allen of Seminole, Oklahoma.  He worked in the oil field supply business.  Roberta and JB moved to many towns as a result.  She said she never had a dull day as a librarian.

photo from 1930 Waukomis High Women's Basketball Team

The Land

The land, vast, dusty, red earth, calls to me.

The sky above, the clouds within, wide rouge roads.

A beginning, the land first.

The start of a life, roots.

Grow, stand, and continue.

The land, homesteaded in 1893.

No longer inherited generation to generation.

A gap, occurs in the lineage of beginnings.

A section line, a quarter section, Pioneer Rd. and Leona Mitchell Trail.

Encompass a heart full of memories written in time, in the blood.

Each generation, a new beginning,

a life on the prairie regrows.

An end can be a beginning

but never a new start.

 That time is over.

by Sherry Bell
niece of Roberta Roads Allen, on the loss of her family's farm, homesteaded by Ruby Canon, daughter of John Morgan Cannon, first president of the University of Oklahoma Board of Regents