Sarah Trabert

Assistant Professor

Ph.D. University of Iowa 2015


Research Interests

  •          Archaeology of North American Great Plains
  •          Late Prehistoric and early Historic periods
  •          European colonialism and indigenous responses
  •          Community formation
  •          Enslavement and captivity
  •          Ceramics analysis
  •          Foodways



My research examines how European colonialism changed the nature and intensity of social and economic exchange between Native peoples living on the Great Plains and U.S. Southwest. In the early 17th century, a group of Puebloan migrants traveled to what is now western Kansas and settled with an indigenous population known to archaeologists as Dismal River. These two different peoples came together and formed a new, hybrid, community and a seven room masonry pueblo was constructed. I have spent the last six years investigating this pueblo and other archaeological sites in western Kansas that are associated with the Dismal River/Puebloan community. The goal of my research is to reach a better understanding of the links between European colonization and Puebloan migration, as well as issues related to identity, social and technological exchange, gender, foodways, and resource acquisition.

I encourage undergraduate and graduate student participation in my lab and field projects. I strongly believe that hands-on experience is a vital part of the education of anyone interested in pursuing archaeology as a career. I also believe that public involvement in archaeological projects is important and I have worked on numerous sites with people of different ages and walks of life.


Selected Publications

2016 (with Margaret Beck, David V. Hill, and Matthew E. Hill) Tewa Red and the Puebloan Diaspora: The Making of Ledbetter Red. Journal of Archaeological Science: Reports 6: 148-159.

2014 Spanish Colonialism in Nebraska? Determining the Indirect Effects of Colonialism on
the Dismal River aspect (A.D. 1650-1725). Central Plains Archaeology, 14(1): 117:134.

2014 (with Margaret Beck) Puebloan Occupation of the Scott County Pueblo, Western Kansas. American Antiquity 79(2): 314-336.

2011 A Re-Examination of Glenwood Locality Ceramic Variation and Vessel Forms. Plains
Anthropologist 56(220): 331-346.

Contact Information


Office: 507 Dale Hall Tower

Phone: (405) 325-2520

Mailing address: Department of Anthropology, 455 West Lindsey, Room 521, Norman, OK 73019-2005

Research website: