Senior Faculty Summer Fellowships

The College of Arts and Sciences provides a limited number of summer fellowships to regular faculty holding positions at the level of associate professor. The stipend amount is currently $7,500. A faculty member receiving this award is expected to make a minimum one-month commitment to the research described in their proposal during the summer. Other research, projects or teaching commitments etc. should be scheduled accordingly.

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Senior Faculty Fellowship Application
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Due to an extremely limited number of fellowships to award, only Associate Professors are eligible to submit an application at this time. Furthermore, applicants are not eligible to receive an award two consecutive years.
One condition of accepting a Senior Faculty Summer Fellowship is that the faculty member agrees to remain with the University of Oklahoma for at least one academic year after the summer of the award. We strongly encourage recipients not to teach in the summer of their fellowship, except when permission has been granted by the Dean. 


The deadline for receipt of Senior Faculty Summer Research proposals in the College of Arts and Sciences Dean’s Office is March 10, 2017. If college funding is awarded, a final report (no more than two pages) specifying the outcome of the project or activity must be submitted to Cassie Zaccarelli,, September 1 of the same calendar year.

Application Procedures:

The application is submitted directly to the college using the college application forms. It is mandatory that proposals are written in language that can be understood by faculty and students outside your field. Avoid jargon as much as possible. Line spacing must not be smaller than 1.5 lines, font size must be at least 11 points, and 1" margins must be used. All parts of the application must be typed. Applications must be submitted electronically as a single PDF document to Cassie Zaccarelli at The following materials should be submitted:

  1. Application Cover Sheet
  2. Abstract (no more than 250 words)
  3. Project Description (5-page limit) - a proposal which describes the research plan and how this plan relates to the applicant’s research development goals. This is the same format as the Research Council guideline.
  4. Career Impact Statement (1-page limit)
  5. Budget and Justification (1-page limit)
  6. Current Curriculum Vitae (no page limit)
  7. Letter of endorsement from the department chair/director. This letter must identify what additional support services (i.e., secretarial director, research assistant, laboratory equipment, supplies) the department will provide.
  8. Description of plans for review from IRB, IACUC, etc., if appropriate.


Evaluation of Proposals:

Proposals will be evaluated and rated by the CAS Support of Teaching and Research Committee, which makes its recommendations to the Dean. The Support of Teaching and Research Committee is an elected committee whose membership (faculty plus student representatives) changes somewhat from year to year, and its views about priorities will vary accordingly in light of changes in membership. Based on past committee evaluations of proposals submitted, we suggest that your chances for being funded increase if you follow the application procedures outlined above. Applications that are received without a letter of endorsement from the department chair will not be considered.

If you have any questions about this program, please contact Interim Associate Dean Keri Kornelson in the Dean's office at 325-2077 or