Sport Performance Analytics Lab

Dr. Dan Larson and Dr. Jay Campbell, Co-Directors

The sport performance analytics laboratory was created as a collaborative endeavor across the disciplines of exercise physiology (athlete performance) and sport business (organizational performance). The laboratory is co-directed by Dr. Daniel Larson (sport business) and Dr. Jason Campbell (exercise physiology). The laboratory currently executes research investigations from across the entire spectrum of the production and exchange processes of elite and professional sport. Therefore, research projects taking place in this laboratory can range from analysis of “on the field” athlete tracking measurements, all the way to analyzing the “market attention” and neurological measurements of sports product consumers. The driving focus for the research laboratory is exercising optimal collection, management, and analysis of large and often complicated datasets related to sport. Students participating in laboratory research are competitively selected for the ability, experience, and/or potential capability of becoming a top sport performance data analyst in their respective fields.