Student Travel Assistance Program

The College of Arts and Sciences makes available a limited amount of travel funding each year for outstanding undergraduate students with a declared CAS major and graduate students making strong progress toward completion of a CAS degree program.

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Quick Links:

CAS Student Travel Assistance Program (TAP) Form
OU Travel Guidelines
CAS Reimbursement Request Form

Eligibility and Guidelines:

• OU students who have formally declared a CAS major and are in good standing academically are eligible to apply.
 • Graduate students may request up to $750 to conduct research at a remote location or present their research at a national or international conference.
 • Graduate students may request up to $500 to present their research at a regional conference.
 • Undergraduate students may request up to $500 for any academic travel.
 • A student TAP may not be used to defray the cost of any study abroad program.
 • Available funding is limited to one trip per fiscal year (note: the fiscal year runs July-June)
 • It is a requirement of the award that all students requesting travel assistance must seek matching funds from another source. All student TAP applications must be accompanied by documentation that the student will receive at least $250 of the total cost of the trip from her/his department OR has applied for travel funding from at least one other source.


• Requests for funding must be submitted to the CAS Dean’s Office no later than 30 days prior to the start date of travel. In exceptional cases, students may request a waiver of this 30-day requirement, but no retroactive requests will be approved.

Application Procedures:

1. Complete the CAS Student Travel Assistance Program (TAP) Form (only one trip per form).
 2. Attach a brief narrative stating the purpose and benefits of the travel to the applicant (no more than one page).
 3. Attach a copy of the invitation to present/perform from the conference or event/venue (if presenting).
 4. Attach a copy of the current unofficial transcript. Please do not have them mailed to us from OU Records office.
 5. Attach a letter of support from your academic unit’s Chair/Director.
 6. Attach documentation of any other travel funding received or applied for. If your academic unit is proving the matching funds, the chair/director’s letter of support should confirm the $250 commitment.
 7. Submit the printed CAS Student Travel Assistance Program (TAP) Form with all required attachments and supporting documentation to your academic unit’s chair/director for approval.
 8. The academic unit should verify all required attachments and supporting documentation are attached to the form prior to forwarding them on to the CAS Dean's Office.
 9. Submit the printed (hard copy) signed original of the CAS Travel Assistance Program (TAP) Form, required attachments and supporting documentation to:

College of Arts & Sciences Dean’s Office
 Ellison Hall, Room 209
 633 Elm Avenue
 Attention: Julie Hamburger

10. Upon completion of the travel, the traveler’s academic unit will process the travel reimbursement for each approved applicant. Please save your receipts and follow your departmental staff’s instructions for documenting your travel expenses. If the real cost of travel varies from the proposal budget, only your actual documented expenses will be reimbursed, up to the award amount and after matching funds have been applied.

Note to Departmental Staff: The academic unit should submit the CAS Reimbursement Request Form along with the CAS commitment and paid supporting documentation (email approval and Commitment vs. Budget sheets) to the CAS Dean’s Office to request reimbursement. Approved funds will be available to each unit for a maximum of six months after the completion of travel.