Technology and Culture

Editors and Editorial Board

Suzanne Moon (University of Oklahoma), Editor-in-Chief Technology and Culture

Barbara Hahn (Texas Tech), Associate Editor

Peter Soppelsa (University of Oklahoma), Managing Editor

Hunter Heyck (University of Oklahoma), Book Review Editor

Margaret Weitekamp (Smithsonian Institution), Exhibit Reviews Editor, North America
Johannes Geert-Hagmann (Deutsches Museum), Exhibit Reviews Editor, Europe

Technology and Culture, founded in 1959, is the preeminent journal for the history of technology. International and interdisciplinary, T&C publishes articles and research notes by scholars from a wide range of intellectual disciplines: history, sociology, engineering, law, architecture, anthropology, economics, philosophy, literature, to name a few. It also features essays and commentary on public affairs related to the interactions of technology and culture, reviews of museums and exhibits, and forty or more book reviews in each issue. Periodically the journal devotes an issue to a single theme; topics have included water technology in the Netherlands, medical and biomedical technology, patents, labor, and gender. Currently T&C numbers 1,500 individual and some 1,000 institutional subscribers in more than 30 countries.

A full-text electronic edition is online at Project Muse. SHOT members who wish to use the online edition but who are not affiliated with an institution that subscribes to Muse can obtain an individual login name and password here. An index to the journal is online here.

T&C is published by the Johns Hopkins University Press for the Society for the History of Technology, and sponsored by the Oklahoma University Department of History of Science.

SHOT annnouces the brand new design and launch of its Technology's Stories website. 

The first issue looks at reproductive technologies in modern America. The essays are relatively brief, definitely suitable for undergrads.