Tenure and Promotion

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Provost’s Annual Call for Tenure and Promotion Recommendations
Reference Materials for the Online Tenure & Promotion System
Dean's Memo on External Evaluators 
Template for Submitting External Evaluator Recommendations to Dean's office
Provost T&P PowerPoint presentation for Chairs/Directors and Committee A


The Provost sends a memo to the Dean in March listing the faculty eligible for tenure review in the upcoming academic year. The Dean’s Office compares the list to its records and routes the list to all chairs and directors for verification. Departments also should advise the Dean’s Office at that time of any faculty to be considered for promotion during the upcoming year.

The Dean issues a memo in March with details regarding external letters of evaluation.  At that time, the departments should begin working with the candidate to prepare a list of appropriate external evaluators.  The list of proposed reviewers must be sent to the Dean's office for approval no later mid-June.

The Provost issues the “Call for Tenure and Promotion Recommendations” in March to deans and chairs/directors. The College then forwards this document to tenure and promotion candidates when they are added to the review list. This document details the procedures and timetables for tenure and promotion review. Tenure dossiers with the department's recommendations must be uploaded to the online T&P system by November 1. Department recommendations for promotion-only candidates must be uploaded by December 1. The CAS Tenure and Promotion Committee then meets to review the dossiers and makes recommendations to the Dean, who then uploads his recommendations to the dossiers by mid-January for Campus Tenure Committee review. Dean's recommendations for the promotion-only dossiers must be uploaded by the end of February for Provost review. Promotion-only dossiers do not go through the Campus Tenure Committee.