Tenure-Track Faculty Reappointment, Progress Toward Tenure and Third-Year Review

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Provost Memo on Progress-Toward-Tenure Letters
Provost's Faculty List
Dean's Memo on Progress-Toward Tenure Letters
CAS Progress-Toward-Tenure Letter Template
Sample Tenure-track Reappointment Form

Reappointment Forms

Tenure-track faculty on probationary status must be reappointed annually. If the recommendation will be for non-reappointment, the Senior Vice President and Provost must send a letter to the tenure-track faculty member by March 1 in the first year, December 15 in the second year, and May 31 in the third and subsequent years. See the Provost’s annual memo noting these policies and deadlines. The Dean’s Office sends a form to the chairs and directors for them to specify reappointment or non-reappointment of probationary faculty (see sample). These forms are typically due to the Dean’s Office one month before the notification deadline.

Progress-Toward-Tenure Letters

In addition, Norman campus policy requires that tenure-track faculty be provided with a progress-toward-tenure letter during each year in which they are in probationary status. The purpose of this review is to provide feedback to the faculty member on the degree to which they are meeting the expectations for earning tenure. The letter should give an honest and frank evaluation as to how the faculty member is progressing in the quantity and quality of their teaching, research, and service relative to their stage in the tenure process. The letter should reflect on the faculty member’s cumulative accomplishments while employed at OU and should use as a reference point the academic unit’s criteria for tenure and promotion. The letter should include a copy of the criteria by which the faculty member will be evaluated during the tenure decision.  Chairs and Directors are asked to use the new progress-toward-tenure letter template when drafting these letters.

A copy of the progress-toward-tenure letter with the unit’s evaluation criteria should be sent to the Dean’s Office; the deadline is usually in late April. The Dean will review these letters and forward copies to the Provost.

Third-Year Review

In 1991 the College of Arts and Sciences added a requirement that all tenure-track faculty receive a comprehensive review of their progress toward tenure in the spring of their third year. The process should result in a thorough written evaluation by the chair/director and Committee A of the faculty member’s teaching, research and service, including a summary of the previous annual evaluations and reports on any classroom visits made by the chair/director or other members of the faculty for the purpose of evaluating teaching. As part of the review, the faculty member should prepare a self assessment that includes long-range research and teaching plans, an updated curriculum vitae, and copies of publications submitted since arriving at OU. External letters of evaluation may also be sought. Units have discretion with regard to which members of the faculty participate in this process; there is no overall college policy. The Committee A written third-year review serves as the progress-toward-tenure letter for that year.