Student Testimonials

Jarred White

Multidisciplinary Studies theme "Theological & Global Issues"

"Utilizing the MDS major has allowed me to combine my philosophical and religious interests, along with my desire to know more about global issues. Having this specialized academic experience will prove to be invaluable during my transition to graduate school."


Jay Kumar

Multidisciplinary Studies theme "Medical Sciences"

"The MDS major allowed me - a pre-med student - to take a wide array of science and humanities courses while fulfilling my pre-med requirements. I am grateful to the program for helping me to get the most out of my time at OU. The advisors are wonderfully knowledgeable and helpful too!"


 Greg Papandrew

Multidisciplinary Studies theme "Enterprise Studies"

“The MDS program allowed me to close a long overdue chapter in my life. My academic counselor helped me develop a program to receive my Bachelor of Science degree using a culmination of credits earned from two very different majors. It is nice to finally have my diploma hanging on the office wall.”