Travel Assistance Program

The College of Arts and Sciences accepts requests for travel funding from all regular full-time CAS faculty members (as defined in section 3.1.1. of the Faculty Handbook). The College will approve up to 2/3 of the total travel expenditures for faculty members up to a maximum of funding per faculty member of $1,600 per fiscal year (July 1-June 30). The funds may be used for more than one trip, as long as the annual maximum is not exceeded. Applicants may also apply for $500 for international travel. This would be in addition to the $1600 maximum. All other rules apply.

Highest priority for funding will be given to travel for personal presentation of original research results and/or creative activity at research conferences. Support is available for oral and poster presentations.

The chairing of sessions, panels and symposia, or participation as a discussant may qualify for support if, in addition to the actual application, a separate, written justification (no more than one single-spaced page) from the chair or director explaining how that specific form of participation is representative of, and will be beneficial to, the applicant's research.

On rare occasions, requests for research-related travel may qualify for support. Such requests, in addition to the actual application, must include a separate, one-page (single-spaced) justification describing the research or other creative activity.

Requests for funding only to attend conferences and workshops will not be considered. Lectures or other forms of presentation whose primary purpose is to teach students at other educational venues will not be considered.

Acknowledgment of this funding support should be made in any publication resulting entirely or in part from funds provided by the College of Arts and Sciences.

Students who would like to apply for travel funding should apply via the Student Travel Assistance Program.  

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  • All regular full-time faculty members (as defined in the Faculty Handbook section 3.1.1.) within the College of Arts and Sciences are eligible to apply.
  • The college strongly encourages each applicant obtain support from other sources and list them on the CAS TAP request form. If space does not allow, please attach documentation.


  • Requests for funding must be submitted to the CAS Dean’s Office no later than 30 days prior to the start date of travel. No retroactive requests will be approved.

Application Procedures:

  1. Complete the CAS Travel Assistance Program (TAP) Form (only one trip per form).
  2. Attach a brief narrative stating the purpose and benefits of the travel to the applicant (no more than two pages).
  3. Attach a copy of the invitation to present/perform from the conference or event/venue (if presenting).
  4. Attach a letter of support from the academic unit’s chair/director (optional).
  5. Submit the printed CAS Travel Assistance Program (TAP) Form with all required attachments and supporting documentation to the academic unit’s chair/director for approval.
  6. The academic unit will verify all required attachments and supporting documentation (including documentation of other contributions) are attached to the form prior to forwarding them on to the CAS Dean's Office.
  7. Submit the printed (hard copy) signed original of the CAS Travel Assistance Program (TAP) Form, required attachments and supporting documentation to:

    College of Arts & Sciences Dean’s Office
    Ellison Hall, Room 323 
    633 Elm Avenue
    Attention: Amanda Tabor

  8. Upon completion of the travel, the traveler’s academic unit will process the travel reimbursement for each approved applicant.
  9. The academic unit will then submit the CAS Request for Reimbursement Form along with the CAS commitment and paid supporting documentation (email approval and Commitment vs. Budget sheets) to the CAS Dean’s Office to request reimbursement. CAS will reimburse for only 2/3 of the total actual expenditures or up to the approved amount of the travel request on the approved dates and destination (the lesser total).  Approved funds will be available to each unit for a maximum of six months after the completion of travel.