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Our undergrad program brings you the world: the humanities and the sciences, the past and the present, the local, the national, and the global. You'll find opportunities here that are hard to find anywhere else, because only a few universities have a department devoted to the history of science, technology & medicine as we do at OU. For an overview of all the details, contact our advisor.

2016 Majors/Minors Fair

Please drop by our table display at the upcoming Majors/Minors Fair and talk to us about joining one of our undergraduate programs in the History of Science, Technology and Medicine.

"Finding Your LEADING Role!"
Majors/Minors Fair

Wednesday, February 10, 2016
11:30 a.m. - 2:30 p.m.
The Union Ballroom

Visit and get information about our programs.

 The University is providing free cokes, pizza, & giveaways!


Corliss E. and Esther C. Livesey Endowed Scholarship 2016

The Department of the History of Science is honored to invite applications for the Corliss E. and Esther C. Livesey Endowed Scholarship in Spring 2016.  The scholarship, which has been made possible by a generous bequest inthe names of Corliss E. Livesey and Esther C. Livesey, is awarded annually to an undergraduate student majoring in the History of Science, Technology and Medicine.

The scholarship allows for an annual award in the amount of $1,000.

Candidates must meet the following criteria:

• Must be a regularly enrolled undergraduate student majoring in History of Science, Technology and Medicine.
• Must have a minimum 3.25 grade point average on a 4.0 scale.
• Must have earned 15 hours of major coursework.

In addition, any or all of the following may also be considered in selecting a recipient: financial need; awards and honors; leadership and community activities.

Please visit the new OU CASH scholarship application site to apply: http://www.ou.edu/scholarships.html.

For a 30-second instructional video about CASH, here is a YouTube link:  https://youtu.be/zqlY8ALpzwU.

Application deadline for 2016 is February 1, 2016.

The Department will announce the scholarship award by April 1, 2016.

If you have questions about the scholarship, please contact Stella Graves Stuart at slgstuart@ou.edu.




And a special thanks to all the HSCI students who helped with this event: Kraig Bartel, Nathan Kapoor, Jordan Larsen, Jackson Pope, Brent Purkaple, and Anna Reser.