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undergrad program

Our undergrad program brings you the world: the humanities and the sciences, the past and the present, the local, the national, and the global. You'll find opportunities here that are hard to find anywhere else, because only a few universities have a department devoted to the history of science, technology & medicine as we do at OU. For an overview of all the details, contact our advisor.

Jonathon Self

Corliss E. and Esther C. Livesey Endowed Scholarship 2015

Jonathon Self is a full-time employee of the Donald E. Pray Law Library at the University of Oklahoma College of Law and a part-time student and undergraduate senior in the History of Science department. He plans to graduate in the spring of 2016, and his current interests encompass communication technologies, the public communication of science and technology, biographical representation, and cultural history.

After graduation, Jonathon hopes to attend graduate school and continue his study on the biographical representation of STEM professionals and how these representations affect the formation of professional identity and widespread understanding of those professions. He believes that an enhanced understanding of these portrayals will elucidate societal bias and preconception. After obtaining his PhD, he plans to continue his research within academia while concurrently promoting more realistic conceptions of STEM professions through the education of its future participants.

2015 Majors/Minors Fair

Thanks to all of you who dropped by our table display during Majors/Minors Fair.  We enjoyed talking with you about our undergraduate programs in the History of Science, Technology and Medicine.


And a special thanks to all the HSCI students who helped with this event: Kraig Bartel, Nathan Kapoor, Jordan Larsen, Jackson Pope, Brent Purkaple, and Anna Reser.