Young Yun Kim

Dr. Young Yun Kim
Position: Professor
Education: Ph.D., Northwestern University


Phone: 405-325-1587

Office: Burton Hall Room 132
Office Hours: 
Dr. Young Yun Kim

Classes Fall 2015 semester:

Comm 3413 Interethnic Communication

Comm 6314 History and Theory of Communication

Academic Interests: Intercultural Communication, Adaptation, and Transformation; Association and Dissociation in Interethnic Communication

Dr. Young Yun Kim is a professor in the Department of Communication at the University of Oklahoma, Norman. She completed a Ph.D. degree in communication from Northwestern University in Evanston, Illinois. Prof. Kim teaches undergraduate and graduate courses and direct doctoral theses in the area of intercultural/interethnic/interracial communication as well as two graduate core courses, Introduction to Graduate Study and Historical Development of Communication Theory. 

Prof. Kim has published over 100 book chapters and refereed articles in academic journals. As author or editor, she has produced 11 intercultural books including Becoming Intercultural (Sage, 2001) and Communicating with Strangers (4th ed., McGraw-Hill, 2003, with W. Gudykunst). She is a Fellow of the International Communication Association and President (2013-2015) of the International Academy for Intercultural Research. 

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Representative Publications: 

McKay-Semmler, K., & Kim, Y. (2014). Cross-Cultural Adaptation of Hispanic Youth: A Study of Communication Patterns, Functional Fitness, and Psychological Health. Communication Monograph, 81(2), 133-156.

McKay-Semmler, K., Semmler, S., & Kim, Y. (2014). Local News Media Cultivation of Host Receptivity in Plainstown. Human Communication Research, 40(2), 188-208.

Kim, Y., & McKay-Semmler, K. (2013). Social engagement and cross-cultural adaptation: An examination of direct- and mediated interpersonal communication activities of educated non-natives in the United States. International Journal of Intercultural Relations, 37(1), 99-112.

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