Bone Density Lab

Dr. Debra Bemben, Director

The Bone Density Research Laboratory (Rm 4 HHC) occupies approximately 500 sq. ft. and contains the GE Lunar Prodigy bone densitometer for the assessment of total body, hip, and lumbar spine bone mineral density as well as the pQCT for the measurement of volumetric bone density and bone strength of the peripheral limbs. There is a blood handling area also in this laboratory space with supplies/equipment (2 ultra-low freezers, centrifuges) for the sampling and storage of serum for hormone and bone biomarker assays.

Current Research Projects

1. Sarcopenia, Osteopenia, and Functional Performance in Postmenopausal Women
2. Effects of Whole-Body Vibration on Muscular Performance in Young Women
3. Bone Density, Geometry, and Strength in Female Recreational Soccer Players
4. Bone Geometry of Dominant and Non-Dominant Arms of Female Rowers