Undergraduate Anthropology Program

Careers in Anthropology

Career Opportunities

A major in anthropology provides an excellent liberal arts education, serving as a solid academic foundation from which to choose a career. Competency developed in the areas of research methods, foreign languages, statistics, computer technology, and written and verbal skills, coupled with anthropological course work, enables an anthropology major graduate to gain employment in a wide variety of professions, including contract archaeology, teaching, international relations, community planning, government (federal, state, and local), museums and other similar institutions, and social work. It also prepares you for graduate school, not only in anthropology, but also in library studies, law school, and medical school. While a major in anthropology can prepare you for a specific job, it also allows for flexibility in the job market that many other majors cannot match. The Anthropology Department advisors conduct a fall semester workshop specifically on "Careers for Anthropology Graduates;" announcements for this workshop are posted and mailed to our undergraduate students.

The Federal government employs people in a wide variety of occupations that require college degrees with a liberal arts focus. The American Anthropological Association is a good source for finding out more about job opportunities, internships, and other anthropology career-related information.  For more information on private sector employment, specifically with contract archaeology firms and environmental assessment companies, you should make an appointment to speak with the State Archaeologist, Dr. Robert Brooks, at the Oklahoma Archaeological Survey on campus.

Advanced Degrees in Anthropology

The Anthropology Department also offers advanced degrees for qualified students. For more information on applying to graduate school at the University of Oklahoma and the requirements for either a M.A. or Ph.D. degrees here, please see the Graduate Liaison in the department, check out our webpage, or contact the Graduate College. For more information on applying to graduate school, students should talk with faculty members, particularly with those in the student's subarea of interest (archaeology, linguistic anthropology, etc.).