Current Students

As part of the university's oldest, largest and most diverse college, current students have many opportunities and resources for a rich experience at OU and for success in their studies. 

Many services, involvement organizations and resources are listed under "Opportunities," including scholarship information, study abroad opportunities and career planning.



The College of Arts & Sciences employs a two-tiered advising system for students: advising services are available through professional and faculty departmental advisers located in their major, and college counselors are available in the College of Arts and Sciences Hobson Academic Services office. The specific roles of departmental advisors and college counselors are listed below.

College Counselors 


  • Schedule a Degree Check on iAdvise, if you have reached 90 hours or more
  • We are the only advising office in the College that can clear a student for graduation
  • Our counselors are knowledgeable about college degree programs
  • We can also assist with major choice
  • We can help resolve academic and graduation issues
  • We can help determine how evaluated transfer work will apply toward General Education requirements

Counselors by Major

Departmental Advisors


  • Semester-to-semester advising
  • Lift advising holds
  • Provide in-depth information about the discipline, course, instructors and departmental opportunities
  • Provide information on career possibilities and grad school opportunities
  • Students are required to be advised prior to each enrollment period by the faculty or professional advisor in their major department.

*New transfer students and students readmitted to the university will meet with their college counselor during their first semester to receive advisement and general degree and university information. They will be advised by their departmental advisors during subsequent semesters.

Department Advisers by major



Study Abroad


The College of Arts and Sciences encourages students to study abroad to increase their understanding of the world and to prepare themselves to live in the global community of the 21st century. OU has study abroad programming in more than 50 countries and 100 cities. Semester and year-long options are available in both English- and non-English-speaking countries through the main Education Abroad Office on campus. OU students participating in reciprocal exchange programs pay tuition at OU and may use OU scholarships and financial aid to cover costs. The College of Arts and Sciences also runs summer faculty-led programs in a variety of locations every year, with coursework taught in English. For more information, contact College of Arts and Sciences International Programs, 332 Ellison Hall, University of Oklahoma, 73019-3061, (405) 325-4716, or visit their webpage, or Education Abroad, 223 Old Science Hall, University of Oklahoma, Norman, OK 73019-3061, (405) 325-1693.



The College of Arts and Sciences offers a variety of scholarships based on financial need and academic performance. They are available to both undergraduate and graduate students from all Arts and Sciences majors. While applicants will be considered for any and all scholarships for which they meet the criteria, they may only receive one A&S general scholarship per year.



Becoming a part of the Arts & Sciences Community


Academic Appeal Process


In accordance with the Academic Appeals Policy of the University of Oklahoma, a student may appeal a grade based on 1) prejudiced or capricious evaluation or 2) the instructor's allegedly inability to speak the English language to the extent necessary to adequately instruct students. In cases of evaluation made known to the student during the semester, the deadline for notifying the instructor is 15 regular class days. For end-of-term evaluations, a student must contact the instructor by September 15 for grades received for the spring semester or summer term and February 15 for grades received for the fall semester.

If resolution is not reached with the instructor, the student should consult with the department chair and attempt to resolve the issue at the department level. If the student does not believe the issue was satisfactorily resolved at the department level, the student may submit a written appeal to the College of Arts and Sciences Academic Services office. Click on the link below labeled "Academic Appeals Process" for further information. Click on the link below labeled "Academic Appeal Form" for the form itself.

Interested in pre-med?

Pre-Medical Professions Advising Office:
Nancy Blass
Medicine, Optometry, Podiatry
Cate 1, Room 418
(405) 325-2457

Katie Hughes
Medicine, Dental, Physician's Associate
Cate 1 Room 418
(405) 325-3099

Students may schedule an appointment through the iAdvise appointment system.

For all other healthcare areas of interest, such as nursing, PT/OT, dental hygiene, etc, please contact University College.

Interested in law school?

Pre-law Advising Office:
Lori DeKalb
Cate 1, Room 418
(405) 325-1596

Students may schedule an appointment through the iAdvise appointment system.

Interested in graduate school?

Visit the OU Graduate College by clicking here.