Faculty Areas of Specialty

Aging/Gerontology  M. Bemben; D. Bemben;
R. Larson
Behavioral Change/Lifestyle Modification
Branscum; Cheney; Taylor
Blood FlowM. Bemben 
Body Composition Assessment
D. Bemben; M. Bemben;
R. Larson
Bone Health and Bone Metabolism D. Bemben; M. Bemben; 
R. Larson 
Community Based Participatory ResearchBranscum; Cheney; Taylor
Diet/Obesity/Nutrition Education Branscum; Cheney; Taylor
Drug Use/ Tobacco Prevention/Violence Prevention Cheney
Endocrinology D. Bemben
Exercise and Multiple SclerosisM. Bemben; R. Larson
Health Disparities/ Health Education Branscum; Cheney;
Intervention Design/Mapping Branscum; Taylor
Muscle Activation/Metabolism/Performance/Function/Resistance M. Bemben;
R. Larson
Muscle Wasting/Sarcopenia D. Bemben; M. Bemben;
R. Larson
Program Management and Evaluation Branscum; Cheney;
 Qualitative Methods Branscum; Cheney;
Maness; Taylor
Social Marketing Cheney; Taylor
Social/Psychological Determinants of Health Branscum; Cheney;
Maness; Taylor
Sport Business Analytics
D. Larson
Sport Performance Analytics