The following provides students with access to information about University procedures. Each subject will generally provide a link to another OU website that provides information regarding the subject. The College of Arts and Sciences is not responsible for the information contained on these other sites. Please contact the office responsible for each page's content if you have questions, or feel it may be incorrect.

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Academic Appeals Policy - listed on the OU Catalog page.
Academic Integrity - The Provost's page on Student Academic Integrity
Academic Reprieve - Procedure for an Academic Reprieve
Adding Classes - How to add courses to your schedule
Admission - Admissions home page
Advanced Standing - Regulations on advanced standing credit
Advising - Information on Arts and Sciences advising
Athletics - Athletics home page
Auditing Classes - What an audit means and how to get one


Bursar - Bursar's home page


Cancel Courses - How to cancel your courses
Career Services - Information on the Career Services office
Calendar - The University's Academic Calendar
Catalog - The University's General Catalog
Change Major - How A&S students can change their major
Cheating - See Academic Integrity
College Stop - What is a college stop?
Complete Withdrawal - How to drop all of your classes
Correspondence Courses - see Independent Study
Course Schedule - OU Course Schedule


Dean's Honor Roll - How to qualify for the Dean's Honor Roll
Degree Navigator: Track your degree with Degree Navigator.
Degree Navigator How-To handout: Use this to successfully navigate Degree Navigator
Degree Requirements - Major checksheets for each major in Arts and Sciences
Disability Services - The Disability Resource Center home page
Dropping Classes


Enrollment - Enroll in courses at OU online. 
Enrollment Contract - Why am I on Enrollment Contract?
Email Redirect - How to redirect your OU email to another email account


Financial Aid - The Financial Aid homepage
Full-Time Status - What qualifies as Full-time?


General Education List - A listing of all the general education courses
Goddard Health Center - Goddard's home page
Grade Appeals
Graduate College - The Graduate College's home page
Graduation - Information on graduation processes, degree checks, and more


Honors College - The Honors College's home page
Housing and Food Services - Information on the Housing Centers and Food Services


ID cards - How to obtain your OU ID
Incomplete grade - How to get an Incomplete and what it means
Independent Study - The Independent Study home page
Intersession - The Intersession home page




Late Add - How to add classes after the deadline. See petition to obtain Dean's approval
Late Drop - How to drop classes after the deadline. See petition to obtain Dean's approval
Leadership Scholars - What are the Leadership Scholars?
Library - Library's home page


Major Change - How to change your major in Arts and Sciences
Major Requirements - Major checksheets for each major in Arts and Sciences
Map - Campus map
Minor (adding) - How to add a minor in Arts and Sciences
Museums - The University's museums


N grade - What an N grade means



Parental Access to Student Records - The policy on release of student information
Parent's Association - The Parent's Association home page
Parking Office - How to obtain a parking permit, etc.
Pass/No Pass grade - What Pass/No Pass means, and the College policy on this grading
Petitions - Arts and Sciences petitions
Plagiarism - See Academic Integrity
Police (OUPD) - OUPD's home page
Probation - See University Probation
Prospective Student Services - Information for students who have not been admitted to OU



Records office - How to obtain transcripts, Records home page
Refund policy - The University's policy on issuing refunds
Registration office - Registration's home page
Repeat policy - What the repeat policy is and how to apply it


Scholarships (Arts and Sciences) - Scholarships available to A&S students
Student Code - laws that govern students at this university
Study Abroad - What Study Abroad is, and how to study abroad
S/U grade - What S/U grading means
Suspension - See University Probation


Transcripts - How to obtain a transcript
Transfer Credit - Information on transfer equivalencies. If your question is not answered here, try Admissions or A&S
Tutoring - List of several tutoring resources


University Probation - What University Probation means, and why students might be suspended.


Veteran's Affairs - The Veteran's office provides services for Veterans and their dependents.
Visitor Center - New to OU?


Withdrawals - These sites contain information on how to withdraw from courses.
Writing Center - The University's Writing Center provides help with your writing