FMS Alumnus Todd Greenlee Working with Bryan Cranston on TRUMBO


FMS alumnus Todd Greenlee moved to New Orleans last year to begin working on feature films and began with Will Ferrell’s comedy Get Hard (2015) and is currently working on the new feature Trumbo about the blacklisted Hollywood writer, Dalton Trumbo starring Bryan Cranston in the title role. Describing his experience working with Cranston, Todd said, “[He] is such an awesome person and has been super nice to me. There have been several moments where we have chatted and he has given me great advice on making movies and storytelling. He genuinely loves telling stories and is very supportive of anyone else who is the same.”
On his work in New Orleans, Todd commented, “My experience here in New Orleans has been incredible for me. I am currently working as an Office Production Assistant. This position has been great for me in that it places me at the heart of major movie productions and allows me to get to know every department while seeing how they all contribute to the movie as a whole. I have been very fortunate to work with such amazing people. What I have learned is that how good a production team is all depends on how amazing the people at the top are. Everyone from the directors and producers to the actors have been amazing to me. I am continuing to learn so much about the film business. This fuels my passion for film. On top of all of this, New Orleans is a great place to live with such a rich culture. I hope to make my first feature film with Alex, my brother, within the next few years.”