Graduate Student FAQs

Where do I start?
- Decide what discipline to pursue
   - MS: Health Promotion; Exercise Physiology; Health and Exercise Science
   - PhD: Health Promotion; Exercise Physiology
   - View the faculty members within those disciplines on our website and read about what type of
      research they do.

Health Promotion

· Marshall Cheney
· Sarah Maness
· Amanda Wilkerson

Exercise Physiology
· Debra Bemben
· Michael Bemben
· Christopher Black
· Jay Campbell
· Rebecca Larson
· Daniel Larson

- Once a mentor is identified, email them to set up an appointment about the program and see if they are accepting students for the semester you would like to enroll

My undergraduate degree was not in Health Promotion, Exercise Physiology or a related field. What are the prerequisites for your program?
- The department cannot give specific information on what each faculty member requires for incoming graduate students. Confirm what prerequisites must be met when you speak with your potential mentor.

What is the length of the graduate programs?
- Our MS program is designed to last 2 years
- Our PhD program is designed to last 4 years

Do you offer any online degrees?
- Our graduate programs cannot be completed online.

Does your program offer assistantships?
- We generally offer graduate teaching assistantships (GTA) to our graduate students. For the assistantship graduate students will be asked to teach a number of courses, which may include activity courses for MS students (such as Individual Fitness or Yoga) or classroom-based courses for PhD students (such as Introduction to Nutrition or Personal Health). GTAs will be provided with a tuition waiver and monthly stipend (amount varies based on degree program (MS or PhD)). Students are responsible for paying fees every semester. Students with an assistantship are enrolled by default into the basic student health plan and it is paid for by the University. The following link offers more information about the student health plan

Can I have a job while in your graduate program?
- Outside employment is not permitted while enrolled in our graduate program.

Can I attend school part-time?
- The majority of our students attend full-time. However, part-time enrollment (without an assistantship) is possible with permission from your faculty mentor.