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What do global exploration, Gothic architecture, English literature, printing, Islam, the nation-state, and the idea of romantic love all have in common? They all began in the Middle Ages or the Renaissance!

With the MRS minor, you can choose from a wide array of courses—including literature, history, history of science, music, and art—to explore this exciting and important time-period.

The minor consists of 18 hours, including nine at the upper-division level. Six hours must be completed in each of the three core areas from courses listed below (excluding courses in the major department). No more than three of the 18 hours may be independent study. MRS courses may substitute in any area where appropriate and as approved by the MRS advisor. Note that open-topic courses, which are not listed here, will also be eligible (by petition) when the topic in a given semester concerns medieval and/or Renaissance material.


Note that the courses listed below are potential courses, which may or may not be taught in any given semester. To see a list of eligible courses planned for the upcoming semester, as well as those currently or recently taught, click here

Click here for a downloadable checksheet to guide you through the MRS minor.

I. Six hours from the following courses (History, Philosophy, or Religious Studies):

History (HIST)
     1113 History of Medieval Europe
     1223 Europe, 1500 to 1815
     2683 Introduction to Islam
     3053 Medieval Italy
     3060 Topics in Medieval History
     3073 Women in Early Modern Europe
     3113 The Crusades
     3133 Medieval Women
     3143 The Era of the Reformation
     3323 Tudor England
     3333 Stuart England
     3683 Jewish Mysticism
     3733 History of Heaven & Hell in Judaism & Christianity
     3933 History of the Great Witch-Hunt in Early Modern Europe & America
     3983 Medieval Jewish History
     4023 Inquisitions
     4033 The Renaissance
History of Science (HSCI)
     2453 God & Nature in the pre-Scientific World
     3013 History of Science to the Age of Newton
     3453 Science & Civilization in Islam
     3823 Science in Medieval Culture
     3833 The Scientific Revolution
     5513 Advanced Studies in the History of Ancient & Medieval Science
     5523 Advanced Studies in the History of Renaissance & Early Modern Science
Philosophy (PHIL)
     3423 Ancient & Medieval Religious Philosophy
Religious Studies (RELS)
     2303 Islamic Religious Tradition
     3683 Christian Heresies

II. Six hours from the following courses (History of the Arts):

Art History (A HI)
     3263 Survey of Byzantine Art & Architecture
     3303 Renaissance Art in Italy 1200-1600
     3353 Northern Renaissance Art
     3403 Baroque Art & Architecture in Europe: 1600-1700
     4233 Medieval Art I: Early Christian to c. 1100
     4243 Medieval Art II: Romanesque
     4253 Medieval Art III: Gothic
     4273 Byzantine Icons
     4303 Early Renaissance Art in Italy
     4333 High Renaissance & Mannerist Art in Italy
     4343 Italian Decorative Complexes
     4353 Northern Renaissance Art
     4373 The Italian City: Renaissance & Baroque Architecture
     4383 Italian & Renaissance Art & Science
     4403 Southern Baroque Art
     4463 Issues in Northern Baroque Art
Drama (DRAM)
     3713 History of the Theatre I
Music History / Musicology (MUHI / MUSC)
     MuHi/Musc 2313 Ancient Times to 1700
     Musc 5513 Music in the Middle Ages
     MuHi/Musc 5523 Music in the Renaissance
     MuHi/Musc 5543 The Baroque Era

III. Six hours from the following courses (Literature):

Classics (CL C)
     3163 Visions of Heaven and Hell: Virgil, Dante, and Milton
English (ENGL)
     2543 English Literature from 1375 to 1700
     3513 Medieval English Literature
     3523 16th-Century English Literature
     3533 17th-Century English Literature
     3573 Arthurian Legend & Literature
     4133 History of the English Literature
     4503 Backgrounds of the Renaissance
     4513 Chaucer
     4523 Shakespeare Comedies
     4533 Shakespeare Tragedies
     4543 Tudor & Stuart Drama
     4553 Milton
     4593 Topics in Medieval Literature & Culture
     4603 Topics in Early Modern Literature & Culture
     5513 Major Medieval Authors
     5523 Topics in Medieval Literature & Culture
     5533 Major Early Modern Authors
     5543 Topics in Early Modern Literature & Culture
French (FR)
     4153 Survey of French Literature to 1800
     4313 From Lascaux to La terreur
     5223 17th-Century Theatre
     5313 Introduction to Old French
     5323 Old French Readings
     5603 16th-Century French Narrative & Prose
     5613 16th-Century French Poetry & Theatre
     5623 17th-Century Prose & Poetry
German (GERM)
     4113 The Middle Ages
     4313 Literature & Culture pre-1700
     4603 The 16th & 17th Centuries
Italian (ITAL)
     3553 Survey of Italian Literature & Culture I
     4513 Topics in Medieval & Renaissance Italian Literature & Culture
Letters (LTRS)
     3123 The Examined Life II: Middle Ages & Renaissance
     3203 Revenge Tragedy, Ancient & Modern
     3213 Shakespeare & Classical Myth
Modern Languages, Literatures, & Linguistics (MLLL)
     3303 The World of Dante
     3453 The World of the Arabian Nights
     3573 Arthurian Legend & Literature
Spanish (SPAN)
     4153 Survey of Spanish Literature to 1700
     4713 History of the Spanish Language
     5203 Prose Fiction of Cervantes
     5333 Studies in Medieval Literature
     5603 Studies in Renaissance & Baroque Prose

The following MRS courses may count in any appropriate area,
as approved by the adviser:

     3023 Exploring Medieval & Renaissance Studies
     3990 Independent Study
     4903 Seminar in Medieval & Renaissance Culture
     4990 Independent Study

Other courses can be applied to the minor by petition.