Bachelor of Arts

Bachelor of Science

Students seeking an educational experience that meets individual interests or needs may complete a Planned Program in lieu of an existing major. The program may be created in consultation with a faculty member or college-level academic counselor.

The Planned Program must be a coherent set of courses exploring some theme or topic. The program must include at least 36 hours of courses acceptable for major credit in the departments offering the courses, including a capstone class appropriate for the Planned Program. The program proposal should state in writing the courses to be included and must be approved by the student's faculty or college-level counselor.

The program proposal must be submitted to the Assistant Dean of the College of Arts and Sciences for preliminary approval, and then to the Dean of the College of Arts and Sciences for final approval and for designation of the appropriate degree to be awarded upon the successful completion of the program.

Because the planned program substitutes for only the major requirements, all other degree requirements of the College must be met. Students considering pursuing a planned program should consult a college-level counselor for advice on how to proceed.